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Honeymoon Bay - Isla Danzantes

Meet Honeymoon Bay located on Danzante Island:

It's a beautiful beach where there is a rocky formation of an arc-shaped silohuete that simulates a window, which is surrounded by turquoise waters where different marine species abound.

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Isla San José

A joy of nature, where endemic species live in, a variety of ecosystems that range from mangroves to lagoons, is a great place to go kayaking.

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Isla San Francisquito

A very peculiar island in terms of its shape, since it has a small hook that forms a small bay, beautiful in terms of its natural design.

Within are some of the most beautiful beaches from Sea of Cortez.

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Isla Coronado

Coronado Island, which originated thousands of years ago by a volcanic cone, is a great place to enjoy an encounter with flying fish, dolphins and sea lions.

It's ideal for picnicking in ivory sand, walking and exploring its flora and fauna, as well as snorkeling and diving in the wonderful turquoise waters.

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Isla Espíritu Santo - Ensenada Grande - San Gabriel

It's one of the most beautiful islands, you can appreciate the contrast between the desert and the sea and its rocky formations of volcanic origin, as well as the large amount of flora and fauna that inhabits the place.

On the Island you can do different activities, like snorkeling or diving with sea lions, go kayaking, hiking and camping under the stars on a lonely beach..

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Isla Partida

It's a small island located in the north of Espiritu Santo Island, full of marine life, making it an excellent destination for diving, kayaking and snorkeling.

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Balandra beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Mexico and the world, for its white sand and calm crystalline waters.

In this beautiful beach you can relax, swim, snorkel or go hiking, where you can also enjoy one of the best landscapes around.

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